Vegans Want to Have Your Moral Cake and Eat It Too

Is it just me, or are a lot of vegan groups using sex to push their anti-animal product agenda? Maybe I just have a dirty mind, but when I see this:

Because nurses really dress like that
(Because nurses really dress like that)

Or this:

Trucker mudflaps prefer a meat-free lifestyle
Trucker mudflaps prefer a meat-free lifestyle

Or… this:

For ahimsa-practicing S&M aficionados
For ahimsa-practicing S&M aficionados

I think there may be a little double entendre going on.

There’s something chilling about painstaking descriptions of animal cruelty splashed with pornographic imagery and summed up in an attitude of moral superiority.

It’s as though you visited a cheerful hippie commune, but after being charmed by all the cute meditation circles, organic vegetables, and sun salutes, you started picking up on inappropriate subtleties…

First, you hear that no one believes in possesiveness, even of other people, then you notice folks are standing just a little too close. Finally, when you’re in the middle of hearing all about how love is the answer to of the world’s problems, you suddenly realize you’re  smack-dab in the middle of a non-stop swinging orgy-fest. Wholesome innocence punctuated with sex cult is downright creepy.
Here’s another one:

All the way where?
All the way where?

What the hell is going on here? To whom exactly, are they marketing this puritanical ideal?
Is this a thinly-veiled promise of endless erotic delights in exchange for animal forbearance? Is this meant to appeal to men? Or are women supposed to think, “Well, I’ll have to choke down a lot of tasteless crap, but I’ll get real skinny then everyone will want me?” Or are we supposed to believe that giving up animal products will make you so damn healthy that you’ll suddenly be overflowing with sexual vigor?
Maybe vegans are just oversexed because they’ve drained all the pleasure out of eating and, well, sex is all they’ve got left. Maybe they’re secretly super angry about constant self denial and want to act out inappropriately. Maybe they are a bunch of full-on exhibitionists who figure a cruelty-free lifestyle balances the moral scales.
Or maybe… here’s a thought… maybe they suspect that despite all the moral arguments in favor of veganism, the only real motivation people have for giving up animal goodies is trying to look smoking hot.
“I want to be really good-looking” doesn’t sound nearly as admirable as “I want to be a good person that saves the planet.”

But when I read about this viral video, where a pants-less woman is torn up from all the rough sex she and her boyfriend have been having since his conversion to veganism, I couldn’t quite accept the idea that PETA is appealing to our nobler natures.
Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Vegans Want to Have Your Moral Cake and Eat It Too

  1. Nice sweeping generalisations about vegans, equating with PETA and vice versa. Oh, BTW the Vegan Society was founded in England in 1944, PETA was founded in the US in 1980 and was virtually unheard of in Britain in pre-internet days. Those slebs who get their kit off for PETA are doing it for a bit of politically correct self-publicity, that’s all. PETA doesn’t even speak for the majority of American vegans, let alone the majority of vegans elsewhere.

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    1. Maybe so, but PETA is easily the best known, most recognizable animals rights organization in the country. So they have attracted more interest with their semi-pornographic stunts than have all of the environmental and ethical arguments combined. That’s not an argument against veganism, per se, but it does suggest that self-serving motivations carry far more weight with the average person than altruism.


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