Why Bulimics Should Go Vegetarian

If I were ever bulimic, I’ve always thought I would have to go vegetarian.

Because throwing up grains and plants is wasteful enough without bringing murder into it.

Meat-eating bulimics must be among the most self-centered people on the planet, slaughtering animals not because it’s a necessary evil for sustaining health and vitality, but because they want to taste them for a few seconds before tossing them into the sewer.

Our society has really become awfully spoiled. Can you imagine citizens throwing up their rations during WWII?

The only thing worse than a meat-eating bulimic might be a bulimic cannibal. Can you imagine being captured by figure-conscious cannibals?

It’s not a good scenario, any way you cut it, but the idea that you’re just going to be chewed for a few minutes before being spit out would have to be especially galling.


3 thoughts on “Why Bulimics Should Go Vegetarian

  1. This post is ridiculously disrespectful. Please understand that bulimia is not a choice, it’s a disease. People struggling to fight against there own mind does not need to be told that the are “practically cannibals”.
    Being bulimic shouldn’t be taken lightly, nor should any eating disorder. And while I have no problem with you supporting animal rights, I have a problem with you specifically targeting a group of people, especially those who already are dealing with outwards hate and disregard.
    Please have some level of decency. Don’t stoop so low as to blame someone already suffering. And as an anorexic, I can say that anyone with an ED is feeling wasteful enough, spoiled enough and awful enough without your help. We don’t let our hair fall out and our bones show and our friend run away on purpose, it’s an illness, please understand.
    Preach your views as much as you like, but don’t do it at the expense of someone else.

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    1. I have taken some time to think about my response to your comment and whether or not I should remove the post.

      First, let me say that I’m sorry you have had to struggle with eating disorders. I hope you have gotten some help and that you are recovering from it. I’m assuming you are, given your name.

      That being said, I’ve decided not to remove the post, and will explain why.

      We live in a society that seems to increasingly consider it wrong to make anyone feel uncomfortable in any way. People are increasingly afraid to say or argue anything that could upset someone, or share any thoughts that anyone, anywhere, could take personally… which is increasingly easy to do.

      I don’t think that staying quiet removes any of these objectionable thoughts, but it does prevent real discussions about various issues that could lead to better understanding on either side.

      As it is, vegans may be offended that omnivores kill animals, while omnivores may feel that vegans are unfairly judging them. Anyone on either side of the issue may react emotionally to the debate, but the inability to have the discussion isn’t helping anyone.

      Just to clarify, I’m not a vegetarian. After many failed veggie experiments, I’ve come to believe we thrive on animal proteins–but I also believe we should be as respectful as possible by improving factory farming practices and not wasting the animals we slaughter.

      I think there’s something very wrong with a society that is more worried about attaining ideal standards of beauty than slaughtering countless animals without purpose beyond a minute of flavor.

      Since bulimia is not prevalent in societies without these unrealistic standards, I believe the motivation behind it is an attempt to be more physically attractive. Depressed people may be more influenced by these ideals, due to a lack of compensating self-esteem, but it doesn’t change the fact that a bulimic throwing up an animal has just thrown away useable protein that an animal was slaughtered to obtain.

      Perhaps these ideals themselves are to blame more than people struggling with them, but it’s difficult to address a social wrong without pointing out what’s wrong with it.

      Also, I did not say that bulimics were cannibals. I invited the reader to imagine what it would be like to be slaughtered only to be chewed on for a few seconds then discarded.

      This site is about having honest discussions. I don’t plan to take down either my post or your response.

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      1. I just like to say thanks to you for reading through what I said and acknowledging it. Also, I do think you have full right to put your opinion up, and my comment was mainly to give you a different perspective on the matter.
        If you are looking to point out our obsession with beauty over our care of animal welfare, I don’t believe that a community of people who have fallen prey to this obsession is who is to blame for it. We are probably the most acutely aware of the problems with our culture obsessed with thinness. You said that you are against the overprotection of people and believe in freedom of speech, and I do too, yet I do think it has a limit. If you are concerned about food wastage, bulimics are a small problem in the scheme of things. Most food wastage happens when people through it in the bin, or when supermarkets chuck it out. It’s an issue, but not an issue (in my opinion) that is one that specifically concerns someone with an eating disorder.
        Basically, I don’t have a problem with your views, until they are put in a way that sounds like a personal attack on a group that (despite many different opinions) isn’t fully responsible for the results of their illness. While i don’t think you should take it down, I do think you should consider your approach to the issue. Thanks

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