If Dr. Bronner Had a Blog…

You know that guy who sold pure castle soap in plastic bottles? There were about a billion uses for the soap, depending on how much you dilute it with water.

He covered the bottles in bizarre religious rantings, hoping to save someone’s soul while they were cleaning their armpits.

I bet if that guy started a blog, he’d have about 30,000 followers within six months.


2 thoughts on “If Dr. Bronner Had a Blog…

  1. You’re going to take a walk in the rain, and you’re gonna get wet… I predict.
    You’re going to eat a bowl of chow – mein, and get hungry real soon…I predict. (just reminded me of that Sparks song from the 80’s)

    OMG, if this stuff worked on pitts, I’d buy it for my 10 year old daughter. Ugh who swears she uses deodorant…but I don’t think so.

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    1. Haha…

      I vaguely remember having really smelly feet when I was in junior high. Nothing seemed to kill the stench (I’m fine now).

      I’m guessing preteen hormones go into overdrive and produce some wicked BO.

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