Inadequate Naked Penis

Someone found my site today by using the search terms “inadequate naked penis.”

I was probably asking for this kind of thing when I used the word “naked” in my blog title. You wouldn’t believe what some folks are typing into Google.

Or maybe you would. I swear, the internet has yanked away humanity’s socially acceptable face to reveal the little man behind the curtain (no pun intended. kinda). Everything from the freaky internet groups out there to the hate-spewing trolls to the unbelievably insensitive comment section you can find after almost any article…

I have to wonder if this generation is more cynical that earlier ones. I mean, I’m sure folks used to know about Crazy Charlie in the neighborhood and his messed up views, but probably thought he was an anomaly.  Now we face a barrage of perversion, sexism, racism… thousands of hateful comments flooding our universe from the underside of any virtual rock.

I’m sure these attitudes always existed, but we didn’t know about them. They ween’t constantly in our face.

Seems like whomever was looking for info on inadequate penises is probably more insecure than hateful though, unless he’s taking out his anger on everyone else.

Maybe it was a woman, in which case, that’s cold.

If it was a guy though, maybe check out this post I wrote on the subject. Maybe it will make you feel better.


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