People And Their Weird Animal Notions

I’ve always found it irritating when people say pets only like you because you feed them.

I mean, what the hell do they expect?

Do they think dogs should be asking for our thoughts on existential philosophy? Do they need dogs to literally starve to death to prove their loyalty?

Pets are simple animals, compared to us. Food is a big commodity. If we give them food, then we are willingly sharing something very expensive in the animal world. We’re just handing it to them, which is a friendly gesture.

It means we’re aren’t going to hurt them and want to be friends. There aren’t a huge number of ways to show good faith in the animal universe. They don’t understand our morning jog or views on politics, but handing them food makes sense. 


I also don’t get the aversion to cats. People always picture cats thinking mean things, which is a whole lot of self-centered projection.

Have you ever been at a party and someone wasn’t talking to you and you were just sure they were judging you?

You have NO IDEA what was really going on. Maybe they were really tired or sad because their friend just died, but you’re certain everything was all about you because you’re obviously the center of the universe.

Well, that’s what people do to cats. Just because cats don’t come running up to them, desperate for approval like dogs, everyone thinks the cat is judging them just like that mean girl in junior high.

Look, cats aren’t pack animals like dogs are. You’re ten or more times their size and potentially a massive threat. They just aren’t going to automatically trust you and when you think about it, it only makes sense.

Animals are Better than People

That being said, I think there’s something psychologically deranged about people who insist that pets are so much better than us:

“They never start wars or become serial murderers. They don’t cause all the death and destruction that people do.”

Well, OF COURSE NOT. They can’t even figure out how to work a can opener. They don’t have the skill-set for mass destruction. Just because they CAN’T doesn’t mean they WOULDN’T.

Is a banana slug morally superior to humans? What about a pencil?

Higher intelligence is both good and bad. No one’s yelling at dogs for not coming up with Smallpox vaccinations or building wells with clean drinking water in developing countries, so why are we giving them props for not deploying atomic bombs?

It’s all about perspective, people. Get a grip.



3 thoughts on “People And Their Weird Animal Notions

      1. people have very strange notions when it comes to animals. When people go on about how clever animals are? in comparison to what/who? if i did what they did I wouldnt be deemed as clever.


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