Just a Conspiratorial Thought about Feminism…

What if…

Convincing women to join the workforce in droves just gave employers double the workforce at half the price, while forcing families to deal with all of the same hardships they once had, on their own dime?

Because apparently, minimum wage alone once gave people the ability to pay their bills with a little discretionary money left.

The ratio of the CEO’s to the average worker’s pay has increased over 1000 percent since 1950. It used to be 20-to-1, and now it’s 120, often more than 1795, and 300 on average.

Once, an entire family could survive on a single income. The mom took care of the house and kids and if she did work, the family lived pretty comfortably.

Now, we still have kids to feed and houses to maintain, but we pony up for it on our own dime, with both parents working full-time, with daycare costing more than college tuition. 

And we’re still the only developed nation with zero mandated paid maternity leave.

I fully grasp the arguments against women staying at home. Many women don’t want families at all, and those who do don’t necessarily want to give up their careers.


We now flood the marketplace in more desperation, with all the same expectations of focusing on our kids as we always did. We do it at half the cost while pouring our earnings into daycare and struggling to prove to our employers that we won’t inconvenience them by taking time to deal with family, all while maintaining a quality-of-life more stressful and with less earning power than we had 50 years ago.

So.. while I don’t question the motives of women pushing for economic independence and determinism, I can’t help but notice what an awesome deal this was for rich CEO’s at the expense of countless struggling families who are now told it was their choice to have kids so now they damn well better deal with it

Which sounds perfectly fine when you’re a single, young kid, fresh into the workforce and full of ideas.

Less so, when you’re spending a third or more of your income on kids you only get to see for a couple hours every night. After clocking in a long work day for half the earning power you would’ve had in your grandparents’ day. Hoping one of those kids doesn’t get sick, because then you’ll have to take time off you can’t afford while your fellow workers give you the stink-eye for burdening them, because God knows your employer shouldn’t have to deal with it. And hopefully, you’ve got some form of insurance.

And it’s all fine and good when you don’t have kids, except you won’t be changing much for the next generation because they’ll come from the ones who do. Not a judgement, just a cold, hard fact. I guess the CEO’ kids will be sitting pretty, in either case.


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