Hi, my name is Delilah for the purposes of this blog.


I say that because my name isn’t really Delilah. I’m a freelance writer and this is my secret blog where I can talk about controversial topics, where I can swear as much as I want to, where I can float the risky theories that normally bounce inside my head because I fear the   consequences of voicing them.

Hence the name, “Naked Thoughts.” These are my dark inner thoughts, just as they are, without all the sugarcoating and euphemisms I typically coat them in.

Honestly, I didn’t think about all the perverted Google searches that would end up leading folks to my blog, and figure they’re usually be pretty disappointed. But that’s okay. You can bring up whatever forbidden topics you want, as long as you’re ready to talk about it like a grown-up. I’m not here to play into anyone’s fantasies or pretend you’re being reasonable when I think you’re not.

That’s my day job… being socially-acceptable and generally a good girl. I do my homework and don’t break the law. This is the place where I say what I secretly mean.





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